Homes for Wildlife

Homes for Wildlife
If you love the creatures in your garden, you'll love our Homes for Wildlife project. This is the place to ask and answer questions about making your backyard wildlife-friendly.
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  • Media: Magpie

    This male magpie is currently terrorising the pigeons and doves that visit my garden. He swoop down several times a day and tries to peck at the nearest vicitim.
  • Media: Australian 'Black Back' Magpie

    This is a very special friend - Mumma Maggie. She is an excellent parent, but also insists on close personal contact with us. She loves to be hand fed, and always comes down to see what we're doing if we're in the backyard. I was trying out my new camera, and she was intrigued by the zoom lens...
  • Media: Dunkin' Magpie.

    Saw this Magpie 'dunking' bread in our birdbath, obviously too dry for it.Bread was originally on a bird table. Is this unusual? Sorry about quality of photo but shot through glass, bird moved as I took it and flew off before another chance