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If you love the creatures in your garden, you'll love our Homes for Wildlife project. This is the place to ask and answer questions about making your backyard wildlife-friendly.
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  • Media: Sparrowhawk

    This sparrowhawk visited my garden on 12.8.2009 - and hung around for 90 minutes. Unfortunately, my camera equipment isn't great.
  • Media: Dinner Time!

    What can I say apart from this gave me a new meaning to feeding the birds. just put some bird food out and then BOSH! Right in front of me one of the collared doves went missing!
  • Media: Young Sparrow

    Baby sparrow all ruffled!
  • Media: Sparrowhawk.

    I was delighted when this chap turned up earlier this year.
  • Media: Sparrowhawk "Anyone home?"

    A regular visitor to my garden
  • Media: Sparrowhawk

    I live about 300 metres from Windmill Wood and feed birds all year round in my garden which is only 8m X 6.5m. In the winter months I use between 25 & 50 kgs of Sunflower Hearts and 15Kgs of peanuts. I also feed fatballs. Needless to say I have a large number of birds visiting my garden so no wonder...
  • Media: A Sparrowhawk

    This is a Sparrowhawk I saw in my garden. He is a regular visitor, we normally see him (or her!) several times a week but we haven't seen him catch anything yet!
  • Media: Sparrowhawk feeding

    Sparrowhawk feeding on a Pigeon in my garden.
  • Media: Sparrowhawk 2

    This sparrowhawk visited my garden on 12.8.2009 - and hung around for 90 minutes. Unfortunately, my camera equipment isn't great.
  • Media: Where is everybody?

    Fortunately our sparrowhawk didn't turn up during the RSPB Birdwatch. The birds can cope with lazy well-fed cats but not with this killer.
  • Media: Unusual dinner - Sparrowhawk catches jackdaw (1)

    The noise in the air above the garden attracted my attention; the local jackdaw population was going mad! On the lawn beside the pond was a female sparrowhawk hooding her prey - one of the jackdaws. She had a talon firmly round it's neck, I thought I saw signs of it still struggling, then with a...
  • Media: Unusual dinner - Sparrowhawk catches jackdaw (2)

    This is the second shot of the sparrowhawk holding the jackdaw. Both shots were taken after the sparrowhawk had pulled the dead jackdaw out of the pond, it was only then that I dare move to get the camera!
  • Media: Sparrow Hawk

  • Media: Sparrow Hawk

  • Media: Sparrowhawk

    With a healthy population of sparrows in the garden it wasn't going to be long before they got noticed!
  • Media: Sparrowhawk

    Watched this female nab and nibble an unfortunate starling in our garden last October. She took a leisurely 90 minutes over her meal and left nothing but a few feathers to clean up - how considerate!
  • Media: Female Sparrow Hawk

  • Media: Bloodbath, anyone?

    The local sparrowhawk takes a rest. It has a liking for collared doves, which it plucks on the lawns, so maybe the smaller birds have a chance.
  • Media: Sparrowhawk

    The sparrowhawk spent about 20 minutes in next door's fir tree getting the last sunshine of the day.
  • Media: Look what flew in our Conservatory

    This was takne in Aug 2008,this hen flew right onto our Conservatory chaseing a sparrow...thankfully the sparrow escaped to live another day....and the Sparrow Hawk was given a calm release.......
  • Media: Where's my lunch

    This Sparrow hawk visits the feeders most days and cannot understand why there is no food waiting about, the small birds leave about 2min before he or she arrives. I have not seen any small bird caught yet.
  • Media: visitor who tried to arrive via lounge window

  • Media: Lunchtime for a Sparrowhawk

    I took this in my garden in Nottinghamshire in december 10 when I saw a sparrowhawk having just finished it's lunch
  • Media: Look what flew in our Conservatory..

    This hawk flew right into our Conservatory in Aug 2008 chaseing a little sparrow......thankfully the sparrow got away.......and we ofcourse released the hawk.