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  • Media: Several deer cooling of in Richmond Park

    Deer taking a well needed dip in Richmond Park today. Anyone wanting the picture, I've put it on my blog deer taking a dip
  • Media: Deer Deer Deer

    Three red deer posing like on a winners podium. Taken at Loch Quoich.
  • Media: Monarch of the Glen

    Red Deer Stag posing on top of his hill
  • Media: Red Deer

    Red Deer, Taken at Loch Arkaig last winter. Stopped the car and wondered how to get closer, then the deer came down towards me. Taken with a Nikon D7000 with the lens at 100mm.
  • Media: deer

    These deer (think mother and baby) where lying in freshly cut grass by the side of the road near the ferry point at Lochranza, Isle of Arran, taken 2007
  • Media: deer

  • Media: Fallow doe

    She crossed the road in front of my car & disappeared through a gateway! I pulled over and grabbed the camera (always on my passenger seat ready - just in case!) and after standing there looking at me for a few seconds, she decided to demonstrate how fit & healthy she was! I managed to snap quick...
  • Media: Fallow fawn

    spotted on my way to wrok one morning! Stopped, crept up and took a few snaps (I ALWAYS have my camera with me!) and it wasn't until I downloaded the pics to my computer that I noticed 'mum' also watching me hidden in the foliage! Wow!
  • Media: Sika Deer

    Taken at Arne RSPB Nature Reserve
  • Media: Snooty (Red?) Deer!

    We spotted this fella at Huntly Falconry Centre at the weekend. This looking down his nose wasn't a one off....he was like that for the duration of our visit!
  • Media: I Can See You

    Red Deer.. she stood and watch me for about a hour where I was able to take up to 50 photos.. she just walk around me..eating.. no a worry in her world..a smaller friend pop in and out a bit shy. the faces she made at me.. which i capture on camera wee just great..I hope to catch up with her again...
  • Media: Deer in Angmering Woods

    Out walking with a group and we came across a number of deer. The stags did a runner but this one was quite inquisitive and stood looking at me for quite some time.
  • Media: Deer at Pulborough Brooks

    Visitors from the Reserve's neighbours, Parham Park
  • Media: deer

  • Media: Fallow deer at Fountains Abbey

    Misty day in October. Stag had brought his herd close to the roadway in Fountain Abbey Deer Park. Missed a picture of him.
  • Media: Young Stag taken near Loch Ness

    We were driving to Loch Ness and saw this Young Stag from the road. I managed to approach him and take this photograph which was taken August 2008.
  • Media: deer

  • Media: deer

  • Media: deer

  • Media: Rutting Deer

    It was taken on the 3rd of November. And wacth the contest for about 10 minutes, Anre is a great place for a walk and watch the wildlife.
  • Media: Deer-Stag

    Deer stag taken near Loch tulla, Glencoe. As you can see, I got very close to this Deer and was able to use my wide angle Canon 17-40mm f4.0 lens at 29mm
  • Media: Stag

    Head of the herd that roams 'The Batter' at the back of my garden. I know he looks stuffed and the background looks painted but this was how it turned out, just a fluke !!! Handsome isn't he? The herd is quite used to people so one can get fairly close, though I tend to keep my distance out...
  • Media: wild deer

    taken kirkintilloch
  • Media: Sika Deer

    Taken at Arne RSPB Nature Reserve
  • Media: Deers on the hill

    Lulworth Hill just in front of Lulworth Camp, on the military side. Lulworth cove, Dorset This is not a particularly frequented place for deers althought there are some there, but they are quite discrete. It is only the second time in 3 years I spot a group and I live at the bottom of the hill. I...