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November 2018

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

The Dee Estuary In Winter

The Dee Estuary In Winter

Folks you MUST watch this. Only 18 minutes, get yourself a cuppa and enjoy.

A great little film shot 5 yrs ago by the RSPB about the Dee Estuary in winter, including Burton Mere Wetlands and Hilbre.
Beautifully shot, informative, great for your wader id.
The Shortie who lost his lunch and swirling Knot, terrific.


Monday, 19 November 2018



The Willow Tit is the second fastest declining breeding bird in Britain - only Turtle Dove is in a worst state - and is now severely endangered.

It is not an easy species to keep tabs on, though, and existing monitoring programmes no longer provide an up to date picture of numbers.

To get a more accurate idea of where Willow Tits are still found and in what numbers RSPB and the Rare Breeding Birds Panel are launching a national survey to be carried out during 2019 and 2020.

This involves visiting selected tetrads (2x2km OS grid squares) on two or more occasions and playing recordings of Willow Tit calls to see if they elicit any response.

82 such tetrads have been selected in 'Lancashire' (including North Merseyside), many of which have now been allocated to surveyors. But quite a few in Merseyside (mostly in Knowsley and St Helens) remain unallocated. These are important areas for Willow Tits and together with neighbouring Wigan constitute a nationally important area for the species.

In order to produce scientifically robust results, RSPB's survey methodology is quite precise but it is not overly demanding.

If anyone would like to participate in this survey please contact me and I'll let you know what areas need to be surveyed.

But even if you can't commit to this you can make an important contribution by passing on any recent or future records of Willow Tits at any time of the year to me. To be of maximum use these should mention dates, numbers, sites and preferably an OS grid reference or postcode.

Steve White
County Bird Recorder for Lancashire and North Merseyside.

**Survey forms from Steve

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