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Wanderings on the Whitegate Way

Wanderings on the Whitegate Way
Buzzard - Rhodie Blythe

Saturday, 13 July 2013

As a result of the infamous 1960's 'Beeching Report' many rural railway lines were closed, and over the years a lot of these have been reincarnated as footpath/bridleways, and the Whitegate Way is one such example. The line was originally opened in June 1870 to transport salt from the local mines, and lasted until 1966'..but Mad dogs an Englishman go out into the midday sun' is a line from a well known Noel Coward song, and it certainly was hot to say the least. Because of the heat, the walk was curtailed a little, and we stayed on the old railway line, and missed out an area of open farmland. The number of species seen was perhaps a little below than that expected, but nevertheless rewarding in it's own way. The aerobatics of the swallows, martins and swifts in the summer weather is alyways a joy to behold. A flock of goldfinches added colour on a beuatiful day, and a buzzard resting on a elecrtrity pole had the right idea by just resting and watching the world go by. Butterflies also added to the picture on a perfect summers day.
A total of 26 species were seen: Robin, wood pigeon, great tit, willow warbler, crow, goldfinch, blackbird , swallow, long tailed tit, house sparrow, magpie, house martin, sand martin, swift, sparrowhawk, dunnock, blue tit , collared dove, kestrel. Butterflies seen large white,speckled wood,comma, brimstone and meadow brown. Leader John Clegg.