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What will become of Wiggy island

What will become of Wiggy island
Mute swans, Wigg island H Mills

Saturday, 13 September 2014

From open countryside to industial chemical complex, and finally a nature reserve could well sum up the story of wigg island, located between the MerseyEstuary and the Manchester ship canal at Runcorn.

Chemical production ceased in the 1960's and slowly but surely after site demolition, once known as Wigg Works East, nature took over and with a little help has been transformed into the reserve ww know today.
At present very peaceful, but once the new mersey Gateway Bridge crossing whcih crosses the reserve opens in 2017 it may well be a little noisier! So take the opportunity now to enjoy walking around the mixed habitat reserve on its network of paths.

Perhaps a quiet day birdwise, but nevertheless a rewarding one, 27 species seen: House martin, cormorant, black headed gull, little egret, heron, shelduck ,lesser black back gulll, wood pigeon, chagffinch, robin, coot, moorhen, mallard, mute sewn, lapwing, buzzard, crow, goldfinch, little grebe , tea, magpie, black tailed godwit, blackbird, dunnock, gt tit, gtr black backed gull, canada goos.,

Grey squirrel, and butterflies Speckled wood, red admiral and large white.