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Gorse hill

Gorse hill
Gorse hill feeding station. H Mills

Saturday, 2 May 2015

A visit to Gorse Hill Nature Reserve near Ormskirk, owned and managed by the North West Ecological Trust. The walk also included nearby farmland.

Birdwise it was a successful day, with excellent sightings of blackcap, goldfinch, skylark, mistle thrush, a hunting kestrel, greenfinch, and swallow.
Weatherwise at times it felt like being in the middle of a Siberian winter, such was the strength of the wind, it was no surprise therefore that the swallows were flying very low, and no doubt it they could talk, wondering why they had bothered to come here. A jay flying across the road on the way back to the the station, and a song thrush near the platform concluded a satisfactory outing, albeit a cold one.

Total of 30 species seen.

Blackcap, blackbird, blue tit , buzzard,chaffinch, crow, collared dove, greenfinch, goldfinch, great tit, herring gull, house sparrow, jackdaw, jay, kestrel,lesser black backed gull, long tailed tit, magpie, mallard, mistle thrush, pheasant, pied wagtail, robin, skylark, song thrush, starling, swallow, tree sparrow, willow warbler, wood pigeon