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Gilfach & Elan Valley - 10/05/2015

Gilfach & Elan Valley - 10/05/2015
Wood warbler - Holly Page

Sunday, 10 May 2015

After a quick comfort stop in Newtown we arrived at the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust reserve of Gilfach in good time. We walked down the access road to cross the river, as we did we heard our first target bird of the day - pied flycatcher. A stunning male was soon spotted just above the road. A little further on up the hill a redstart was heard although not seen.

Upon reaching the visitor centre we set out along one of the woodland trails, hearing more redstarts while a few red kites circled overhead. As we walked through the woodland we passed through the territories of several pied flycatchers with both male & female birds seen. At the end of the wood we came upon an open field with a couple of trees in the middle. A tree pipit was singing its heart out from the top of one of these trees, occasionally treating us to a view of its parachuting display.

On the way back towards the visitor centre we saw a couple of hares amongst the bluebells and a raven flew overhead.

A short walk along the stream saw some of the group find a garden warbler and others found a few goldcrests.

Back on the bus a quick lunch was eaten on our journey to the Elan Valley visitor centre. We walked across the river into the woodland and only a few hundred yards along the path was a singing wood warbler. The woodland was full of birds with some members spotting goldcrest, blackcap, garden warbler and spotted flycatcher. Two members were lucky enough to find a firecrest! Sadly when the rest of the group went to re-find the bird it had moved on.

The weather had begun rather grey & cold but had improved massively by the afternoon, giving way to sunshine which made for a very enjoyable day out.