Monday, 29 April 2019

Bromley Swift Survey 2019 - help save our swifts!
RSPB Bromley

Bromley Swift Survey 2019 - help save our swifts!

Swifts are amazing birds but they're fast disappearing from Bromley's skies.

Join the RSPB Bromley Swift Survey, now in its second year, to find out where they're still nesting. No prior experience or knowledge is needed. We'll give you a local area to survey and ask you to:
take a few short walks over the summer
let us know where you see any swifts.

Last year over 120 people helped us cover 75% of the potential swift habitat in the borough. But we still need more volunteers for our survey this summer!

Together, we can find out where they are still nesting and take steps to protect them. If you're interested, please email

Peter Smart, RSPB Bromley Swift Survey Organiser
RSPB Bromley Local Group