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April 2018

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Big Garden Birdwatch 2018 - UK Results

Big Garden Birdwatch 2018 - UK Results

The Big Garden Birdwatch has been running since 1979 and in the 2018 survey, the house sparrow took the top spot as it did in the 2017 survey.

Species ranking
1 House sparrow
2 Starling
3 Blue tit
4 Blackbird
5 Woodpigeon
6 Goldfinch
7 Great tit
8 Robin
9 Long-tailed tit
10 Chaffinch

House sparrows, although top of the list, have a UK conservation status of RED because their historical population is in decline.

Overall, there was an increase in sightings of smaller birds, such as goldfinches, long-tailed tits and coal tits. Recorded sightings of goldfinches rose by 11% from last year and this sociable, brightly-coloured finch was seen in more than two-thirds of gardens.

It was a good year for greenfinches. They had a 5% rise in sightings, a great sign as they've decreased by 60% since the Birdwatch began in 1979. It appears this rise is due to good conditions during their breeding season in 2017.

There was a drop in the recorded sightings of blackbirds (down by 18%) and robins (down by 12%). We think this may be because the mild winter meant there was more food available in the countryside, meaning they didn't need to rely on gardens for food. Unlike smaller birds such as goldfinches and greenfinches, blackbirds and robins didn't have a good breeding season.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

CAWOS Bird Report 2015

CAWOS Bird Report 2015

The annual Cheshire and Wirral Bird Report for 2015 is now available from CAWOS.

There are 152 pages of text with, as usual, the colour
map of the county as the centre spread of the Bird
Report. A total of 20 colour photographs, which best
capture some of the highlights of the year, are spread
over seven full pages.

Details at
Or download the synopsis here.

Download file