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March 2021

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Heather at Arne nature reserve

The National Trust, RSPB and The Wildlife Trusts urge the Government to unlock the potential of England's protected landscapes

National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) cover a quarter of England. They could and should be leading the nation's fight against the ecological and climate emergencies, and offering everyone a chance to access nature, but an expert review in 2019 found that they are falling a long way short of their potential. Successive surveys have shown the public appetite for them to play these roles and the review set out what needs to change.

Almost 18 months later, the Government has yet to respond.

Today, the National Trust, the RSPB and The Wildlife Trusts have written a letter urging the Government to make ten important changes. These changes would have the biggest impact in making sure that England's protected landscapes can deliver for nature, climate and people at this crucial time. By taking these reforms forward now the Government would be showing strong global leadership ahead of the major international biodiversity and climate conferences later this year.

The urgency of tackling the crises affecting our planet and the potential for England's National Parks and AONBs to make a difference are clear. The time for action is now.

Read the letter to Defra Secretary of State George Eustice attached ...

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