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Visit to Lake Vyrnwy

Visit to Lake Vyrnwy
Lake Vyrnwy (Photo: Peter Berrill)

Sunday, 16 May 2010

The coach climbed slowly along the edge of a wooded valley and burst out of the trees to a collective wow! from the passengers. Next to us was a huge slate grey dam sloping one-hundred and forty-four feet to the valley below and the other side of it was a vast expanse of deep blue choppy water surrounded by wooded hillside.

We were introduced to the reserve by a very enthusiastic member of the Visitor Centre staff who briefed us on where to find what. All the time he was speaking parties of siskins were busy at the feeding station next to him.

Our walk took us up behind the Centre where we had excellent views of garden warbler and then down to the river where we heard wood warbler, but much to Sue and Frank's chagrin failed to find the local dipper.

We boarded the coach, crossed back over the dam and drove up the other side of the lake and parked beyond the peregrine watchpoint. From there we walked up to the Rhiwargor Falls spotting a beautiful male redstart in the top of a nearby tree. Back at the car park a pied flycatcher was glimpsed in the riverside trees.

Although the group managed some fifty-eight species of bird, finding them proved quite difficult

Peter and Lesley Berrill