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Visit to RSPB Conwy

Visit to RSPB Conwy
Rain lashed shelduck [Photo: Kevin Groocock]

Sunday, 29 March 2015

From the shelter of the restaurant and looking through the big picture windows most of the group had their first hirundines of the year: twenty sand martin, two barn swallow and a single house martin.

Moving on to The LookOut where the rain became even heavier we had to contend with steamed-up windows but within half an hour the rain ceased, the windows cleared to reveal lapwing, oystercatcher, redshank, snipe, grey heron, shelduck, gadwall, mallard, tufted duck, little grebe, greylag and Canada goose.

The weather brightened as we moved onto the Redshank trail we heard both chiffchaff and song thrush, whilst blue tit, long-tailed tit and great tit fed on a nearby feeder.

Toward the Grey Heron trail we passed a nearby stream where several pair of teal loafed on the water's edge. A chiffchaff was finally spotted at this point.

As the footpath turned onto the estuary many curlew were feeding on the exposed mudflats and a couple of little egret were feeding in the channels. Two or three pairs of red-breasted merganser fished for food in the rapidly ebbing waters. A smart male stonechat perched high in the vegetation just before we entered the Benarth hide to have lunch.

We retraced our steps, took the Ganol trail and visited the Vardre viewpoint. From here 80+ redshank roosted in the shelter of one of the islands. They were huddled so close they appeared as pebbles to the naked eye but easily defined and counted with the use of a scope.

A large raft of scoter were seen from the coach as we passed alongside Colwyn Bay.

Peter and Lesley Berrill