Thursday, 3 January 2019

Change to RSPB stamp collection policy

RSPB have released the following statement:

"Following a press release on 30th November from The Charity Commission, and subsequent stories in the national press regarding the fraudulent use of used postage stamps, we have been reviewing our current Albatross Stamp Appeal scheme.

We have decided to cease collection of used bulk postage stamps immediately but, continue with requests for the donation of stamp collections, first day covers and albums. Our web pages have been changed to reflect our new fundraising ask:

We are determined to avoid any risk to our fundraising activity and to continue to raise thousands of pounds every year to save albatrosses from extinction both at sea and on land - with your support.

The collection of ordinary used bulk postage stamps will cease immediately and we will focus on asking our supporters to donate stamp collections, first day covers and albums. These collectible items will be auctioned monthly by a specialist auction house we have worked with for some years. All funds raised, minus auction costs, will continue to support our Albatross Task Force work. Auctioned stamps have already raised many thousands of pounds over the last decade."