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August 2014

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Vote for Bob!

Vote for Bob!

Hello everyone, I'm Bob - you might have heard a little about me recently. Well, here I am!

I'm spearheading a new campaign - 'Vote for Bob' - to get nature on to the political agenda. I hear you're an amazing bunch of humans who love wildlife and want to help. That's exactly what I need.

I may be a red squirrel, but once you get past my bushy tail, pointy ears and primary diet of pine cones and nuts, there's not much difference between me and you. Honest.

I've decided I can no longer sit idly by while the woodlands, meadows and wildlife around me are disappearing. It's time to make a stand. Squirrels are quite good at standing up when they sense a threat.

I want to challenge politicians to take nature seriously. In the run-up to the General Election now is the time to get nature on their agenda. And over the next few months, I'll be doing just that through my Vote for Bob campaign.

With the help of folk from the RSPB, the campaign is off to a great start. Thousands of people have already cast their vote and shown their support for nature.

You can learn all about me and my campaign and start getting involved by visiting my website

A vote for Bob is a vote for nature. Sign the petition today. And please share my campaign with your friends and family.