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January 2019

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Nuthatch on branch

Big Garden Birdwatch 2019

Our annual Big Garden Birdwatch at Hampden Park saw some unusual birds among the 33 species recorded, despite the group members present numbering only seven because of injury and illness. As expected, there were many gulls on the lake, and many corvids in the surrounding area. The heronry had expanded to six nests, of which three were occupied. On the lake were also single tufted duck, pochard, Egyptian goose (probably feral) and Muscovy duck (definitely feral).

The group then moved in to the woods, where despite grey and windy weather, some interesting sightings were recorded. Besides nuthatch (pictured) and treecreeper, all three U. K. resident woodpecker species were found. Liz Spender found a lesser spotted woodpecker, confirming an earlier sighting by Michelle Light. This sparrow-sized bird is something of a rarity nowadays, and it would be good news if a breeding pair were known to nest in our local park.

Thanks to Helen and Linda for manning the stall in rather inclement weather.

Ian Muldoon