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March 2019

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Male blackcap in hawthorn bush

Skagen Bird Observatory, Denmark, March 2019

Our newsletter editor Peter Denyer has returned to Skagen in Denmark for the spring migration, where his main task will be ringing birds. Peter has reported a fairly quiet start, and he has often been confined to quarters by bad weather.

However, snow bunting and razorbill were welcome additions to his Denmark sightings. Peter has watched geese, swans and hooded crows begin their northward flight across the open sea, plus some raptors, mostly sparrowhawks and buzzards, but also occasional red kites and white-tailed sea-eagles.

On the ringing front, Peter has already ringed around 80 redpolls. The redpolls have now been split into separate species, and Peter is now something of an expert in distinguishing lesser redpolls from the more locally common mealy redpolls.

Seals provided a welcome sight as they waited out the stormy weather. The spring migration should soon gather momentum and hopefully we will get an update from Peter in the near future.

Ian Muldoon