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May 2019

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Cape May, U.S.A.

Our newsletter editor Peter Denyer, having completed a bird-ringing assignment in Denmark, is now working in Cape May, U.S.A. He is helping with a project monitoring semi-palmated sandpipers, (I got lucky once and saw one at Dawlish Warren, but that's another story!), an American migratory species. During the spring migration, these birds stop off at Delaware Bay to feed on the declining and threatened horseshoe crabs. Peter's work entails catching and ringing these birds on the tidal mud flats in order to monitor their numbers and their condition. Sometimes blood samples are taken from the birds. Other birds are frequently caught in the nets especially dunlin, least sandpiper and dowitcher.

Peter's favourite birds are the heron family. During a recent weekend off work, he found snowy egrets and yellow-crowned night herons. Nice work if you can find it!

Ian Muldoon