Trip reports

Laughton Wood

Spotted flycatcher on perch

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Michael Light led ten of us around Laughton woodland trails on a lovely sunny morning, and again we heard more birds than we saw. The woods were full of bluebells and stitchwort, which looked nice in the dappled shade. Blackcaps and nightingales were singing well. Perhaps the best sighting was of a pair of spotted flycatchers, one of which obligingly posed for us on a nearby telephone wire. Nuthatch and long tailed tit were seen, as well as various finches and warblers. Soon afterwards we saw two buzzards mobbed, and eventually seen off by three carrion crows.

Regarding butterflies, we came across brimstones flying along the woodland rides with a few speckled woods. Another sighting was of a female adder, motionless on a woodland edge path. Members of the group inspected the snake, and announced that it was dead, only for it to flick out its tongue before slithering away!

Nightjars have been reported back in Sussex, and we will have a walk in Abbots Wood to find some on the evening of Friday 12th June. Details will appear shortly on our events page.