Trip reports

The Lane, Horseshoe Plantation & Belle Tout

Great tit perched in small tree

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

David Jode led 13 group members on a return walk from Birling Gap towards Beachy Head while using the lie of the land to avoid the worst of the conditions as strong winds made bird watching and even speech almost impossible.

Two members left the walk early and were rewarded by flushing a barn owl. Other than that, the bird species seen barely outnumbered the participants. Still, corvids were well represented with raven, rook, carrion crow, jackdaw and magpie. Herring gull and black headed gull were plentiful. Passerines seen were robin, wren, dunnock, goldfinch, house sparrow, stonechat, blue tit and great tit.

On returning to his car, the group leader found strong evidence on his windscreen that several other birds had been in the immediate vicinity, and a parking ticket made his day!

David Jode