Trip reports

Wednesday Walk: Sovereign Harbour

Male redstart perched on branch

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Eleven group members were joined by twelve pupils from the local Heron School plus three teachers/teaching assistants on a beautiful sunny, but cold, morning for this walk taking in each section of the Sovereign Harbour.

This venue can produce quality rather than quantity. On this occasion we saw just 14 species of birds, the best of which were two, possibly three, sightings of Black Redstarts.

The children really seemed to enjoy themselves as many common species were pointed out to them and were thrilled, as we were, when two seals made an appearance in the outer harbour. Unfortunately each time the seals surfaced we only had brief views of their snout and part of the head. The consensus from members was that we were looking at one Grey Seal and one Common Harbour Seal.

David Jode