Trip reports

Wednesday Walk: Sovereign Harbour

Calling redshank in meadow

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

On a fine sunny January morning, and with no sign of the gale force winds forecast, 12 of the group set off for a walk around Sovereign Harbour. Unfortunately most of the birds were elsewhere. All we saw were 25 cormorants, various black-headed and herring gulls and some other familiar species, namely carrion crow, magpie, wood pigeon, feral pigeon, sparrow and starling.

There was a solitary pied wagtail in the vegetated shingle bordering the beach, and more surprisingly a bumblebee of undetermined species. Moving on to the outer harbour we saw four redshanks (pictured) in a tight group, and a turnstone which kept us company for a while. I think most of us were content with a good walk on a pleasant day that felt more like late spring. In total there were 12 people and 12 bird species on our walk.

Ian Muldoon