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Saturday Walk: Royal Golf Course, Eastbourne

Saturday Walk: Royal Golf Course, Eastbourne
Michael Light

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Helen Coombes led the very enjoyable July Saturday walk around the footpaths near The Royal Eastbourne Golf Club, although the exceptionally hot weather meant birds were far and few between - we saw blue tit, great tit,crow, magpie, blackbird, wood pigeon, house sparrow, goldfinch and heard a song thrush. The wildflowers and insects made up for the lack of bird life, plus we all enjoyed the petrichor (a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather).

Some of the more notable plants seen were: small scabious, vervain, hemp agrimony, agrimony, devil's bit scabious, lady's bedstraw, wood avens, wild carrot and hogweed, plus three hemiparasitic plants: yellow rattle, red bartsia and eyebright which steals their food by attaching to the roots of other plants around it.

Insect wise, the butterflies and day flying moths were enjoying the scorchio weather and we saw silver Y moths, six spot burnet moths and plenty of butterflies: marbled white (pictured), small skipper, comma, red admiral, ringlet, gatekeepers, common blue and chalkhill blues. The Orthoptera (grasshoppers & crickets) were also calling from the longer grasses and we managed to identify a dark green bush cricket and a common green grasshopper.

Helen Coombes and Janet Whitman