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January 2013

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Winter flock of avocet, Exe Estuary RSPB reserve

2013 Listing Competition Eastern Yorkshire category

The boundaries of the Eastern Yorkshire category are below:
TO THE EAST: the North Sea as far as the edge of British territorial waters (anything seen from the Yorkshire Belle counts!)
TO THE SOUTH: the Humber from Spurn to Goole then the Ouse to Selby. (Whitton Sands counts, Reads Island [Lincolnshire] does not). Count birds to mid stream on both rivers.
TO THE WEST: the A19 to the York ring road then the A64 anti-clockwise. (York does not count)
TO THE NORTH: the A64 from the York ring road to Staxton, and on to Scarborough, then the A171 as far as Cloughton then the track to Cloughton Wyke.

There is map on the Scribblemaps website. Click on the LINKS page for a direct link to the map or on the link below.

You can zoom in to view any boundaries you're not sure of by clicking the + sign in the top left hand corner of the map or the - sign to zoom out again. Use your mouse to move around the map.