Saturday, 23 September 2017

A Review of Best Birdwatching Sites: Yorkshire
Buckingham Press

A Review of Best Birdwatching Sites: Yorkshire

Although a long time in production, it was first mentioned a good number of years ago, I am finally thumbing through the 340 page book; Best Birdwatching Sites: Yorkshire written by Neil Glenn and John Miles. With Yorkshire being my home county I was particularly interested as to how many sites it would include and was not disappointed as the book covers 88 sites of this large county from coast to high moor.

As some of the sites are ones that I personally frequently visit it seemed appropriate to select a couple of these for scrutinising. Firstly 'Old Moor' the RSPB reserve near Barnsley, which warrants no less than five pages and includes the adjacent 'Bolton Ings' as well. There is a very useful key points list on the left hand side, a small section on target birds together with a larger 'Other possible bird species' , sectioned into seasons. The accompanying map is clear, accurate and includes a comprehensive how to get to the site. The main section is on background information and birding tips and for a new visitor to 'Old Moor' I think this detail would be very useful.

My second choice frequently visited site was St Aiden's. This RSPB reserve only fully re-opened earlier this year, however it is just as comprehensively covered as it also has five pages, which includes the adjacent 'Swillington Ings'. The main text birding tips again has great attention to detail, the Little Owl you might see in the dragline compound and much more in a similar vein.

So what about sites that even I haven't visited before! I selected 'Golden Acre Park' and despite this not being a major reserve it still has four pages and also helpfully includes two small nature reserves that tag onto the park. As I say this is a site I have not visited and reading the birding tips text this is where these 'tips' will be particularly handy for a first time visit.

All in all this is an excellent guide to a great many top birding sites in Yorkshire and I think it will not only be useful to visitors to Yorkshire but even for lifetime residents of Yorkshire such as myself.

David Hemingway

Best Birding Sites: Yorkshire is published by Buckingham Press Ltd, RRP £19.95
ISBN 978-0-9569876-7-9
ISSN 0144-364 X