Trip reports

Sunderland Point Outing

Curlew standing on weed, County Cork, Ireland

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Our planned walk from Middleton Sands (Potts Corner) to Sunderland Point was a rather curtailed event owing to high winds and driving rain coinciding with a high tide of 10.2 metres. The original plan was to meet up with local birdwatcher and Sunderland Point resident Alan Smith, who was to be our guide that morning. However, the distinct possibility of there being the flooding of property at the Point meant that Alan was unable to join us for our walk. In view of the weather conditions Alan had advised me the night before that perhaps the best view of the wading birds assembling at their high tide roost would be from Potts Corner itself; for at least there we might view from the comfort of our cars.

On the morning itself, three other brave souls joined me, but as the inclement weather persisted by 11.30am two of them, perhaps wisely, had decided to leave. By high tide time (11.45am) the rain had stopped, although the wind continued to blow, making it difficult to keep the telescope steady. We therefore were able to see albeit rather wobbly views of the following species: turnstone, little gull, curlew, lesser black-backed gull, Brent geese, grey plover, wigeon, pintail, rock pipit, pied wagtail, ringed plover, and knot.

Michael Gardner