Trip reports

Horsey Mill and Stubb Mill

Horsey Mill and Stubb Mill
Andrew Chilvers

Thursday, 24 November 2011

So we drove our cars to the beach car park along the pot-holed lane. Walking in bright sunshine southwards to the observation area was pleasant with a few plants still in flower. We climbed up the steps to the observation area and saw some of the 147 grey seal pups already born this autumn. One activity none of us had seen before was a territorial fight between two equally matched males, with much loss of blood. Out to sea were gannets flying some visible with the naked eye, but no waders on the shore line.

We retraced our path and drove towards N.W.T.'s Hickling Broad. En route a flock of two hundred plus pink-footed geese had come in from the east. At Hickling via the welcome toilets we walked to the raptor viewpoint. En route in a field to the north of the path was a mixed flock of redwings and fieldfares which took to the sky continually. At the viewing platform were other birders, one being Ian Robertson the "marshland" RSPB manager who identified the merlin. More redwings and fieldfares and a "ring-tail" were seen. Cranes were heard approaching and seven were seen. The marsh harriers took something of a "back seat". How many bird species were seen? I've no idea but the gannets, geese, merlin, cranes and redwing/fieldfare flock made the visit well worth the effort. The fight between the two bull seals was a new experience for me and I've seen the seal colony annually since 1984.

C. K. Moore-Basher