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November 2014

Sunday, 30 November 2014

November 2014 - Wildlife Sightings

November 2014 - Wildlife Sightings

Please report your wildlife sightings seen within approximately a one hour drive of Macclesfield together with a clear subject image if available to:
(NB! - image is not essential)

Pink-footed geese
Skein over Adlington - Rob McEwen

Female Teal
Styperson Pool - Rob McEwen

Several at Sutton - Chris Grime

Barn Owls (3)
Hunting, South of Congleton - via Dave Tolliday (East Chesh. Barn Owl Group)

27th (9:30am)
Dippers (2)
Feeding together in Bollington - Albert Road / River Dean intersection - Steve McCoskery

24th (am)
Goosander (2m, 1f)
Leadbetters Reservoir (Macclesfield) - David Beer

23rd (am)
Goosander (2f) on the pool
Pink-footed Goose Skein (heard only) at c09:30hrs
Pink-footed Goose Skein (c100) at c09:45hrs - heading towards Macclesfield
Pink-footed Goose Skein (heard only) - at c10:00 hrs - over Adlington
Styperson and surrounds - Rob McEwen

14th (pm)
Brambling (in with flock of)
Errwood Reservoir - Ann & Jon Eden
8th (12:00)
Swallow - Very late! (may not make it)
Goostrey - Chris Grime

7th (10:30)
Whooper Swan (5)
Seen leaving Langley (Macc.) heading North - Matt Lawton

30 Species seen inc:-
Whooper Swan (4 ad. + 1imm.)
Goldcrest (3)
Fieldfare (sev.)
Sparrowhawk (1f)
Goldeneye (1f)
Nuthatch (2)
Redesmere and Capesthorne - Chris Eccleston

03 (06:30)
Barn Owl
Pikelow Farm (Marton) - David Taylor

01 (c14:30)
Whooper Swan (5 Ad. + 3 Juv.)
Fernilee Reservoir - Rob Barker

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

November Heron - Monthly Newsletter

November Heron - Monthly Newsletter

Download the Heron Newsletter (pdf file) for the latest news and articles of interest

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