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April 2021

Friday, 30 April 2021

April 2021 Wildlife Sightings

April 2021 Wildlife Sightings

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the latest 'minimise travel' instructions in England we have amended the normal wildlife sightings section of our website. We will continue to welcome reports of wildlife seen locally. Initially only the species will be published, possibly with limited location information.

Please report your wildlife sightings to

Clear photos will be welcomed and each month a pdf will be attached at the bottom of this page with a selection of photos received (if any).

Please everybody stay safe and healthy and comply with the Covid-19 guidelines.

30 April - House Martin at Cobblestones, Poynton (Viv Arnold)

29 April - Common Terns and Fieldfare at Tittesworth Reservoir (David Collis)

28 April - Yellow Wagtail, Little Ringed Plover, Sand Martion (many) at Bloors Pits/Mere Farm Quarry (Chris Grime)

26 April - Black Stork over Marton Heath Trout Pools, Marton (David Taylor)

26 April - Tree Pipit, Redstart, Wheatear at The Goyt and Danebower (David Collis)

24 April - Pied Flycatcher pair in woodland above Bottoms Reservoir, bellow Tegg's Nose (David Tolliday)

24 April - Oystercatcher in field between Legh Road and London Road, near railway station end of tunnel, Prestbury, flew NNE. (Di Heald)

23 April - Whitethroat, Mandarin Duck (6), Dipper (2), Kingfisher (2), Grey Wagtail, Sand Martin (12) River Bollin, Prestbury to Mottram (Paul Davies)

23 April - Blackcap (2 females), Wheatear, Oystercatcher (2 overflying and calling) River Bollin, Prestbury sewage works area (Steve McCoskery)

22 April - Oystercatcher, Little Ringed Plover, Common Sandpiper at Tittesworth (David Collis)

20 April - Golden Plover (100+) east of Walker Barn (David Tolliday)

20 April - Blackcap (4), Chiffchaff, Dipper, Grey Wagtail, Reed Bunting, displaying Lapwing (2), Goosander (2), Mandarin (4) at River Bollin, Prestbury sewage works area (Steve McCoskery)

20 April - Sand Martin (20) River Bollin, Mottram (Steve McCoskery)

20 April - Butterflies - Orange Tip, Small Tortoiseshell, Brimstone, Green-veined White, Speckled Wood at River Bollin, Prestbury area.

19 April - Ring Ouzel (male and female), Wheatear (male and female) at Danebower Chimney (Paul Davies)

19 April - Short-eared Owl at Axe Edge (Paul Davies)

19 April - Wheatears, Kestrel, Common Buzzard (3), Ring Ouzel, Raven, Red Grouse, Curlew, Lapwing plus Brown Hare at Danebower Chimney (Steve McCoskery)

19 April - Golden Plover (2) at Sparbent (Steve McCoskery)

17 April - Black-necked Grebe at Woolston Eyes (David Collis)

17 April - Yellowhammer (3) Smethwick Lane, Congleton (David Tolliday)

15, 16 and 17 April - Short-eared Owl near Cat and Fiddle (Ann Eden)

15 April - Pied Flycatcher at Bottoms Reservoir woods and 41 species during a dawn chorus walk (Alec Johnston)

14 April - Common Buzzard and Sparrowhawk in a Sutton garden (David Collis)

13 April - Wheatear (pair) near Cat and Fiddle, Short-eared Owl (2) Axe Edge and near Peak View Tearooms (David Tolliday)

12 April - Blackcap, a regular visitor to a Tytherington garden. Also an unusual record of a Ring Ouzel in the garden.

12 April - Ring Ouzel (5) in sheep field below Warrilow Farm opposite Teggs Nose top car park.

10 April - Golden Plover (6) on field at Sparbent lay-by (David Beer)

10 April - Swallow and House Martin at Bottoms Reservoir (Chris Grime)

10 April - Cuckoo (heard) at Goldsitch Moss (Chris Grime)

10 April - Blackcap (2), Chiffchaff (2), Goosander (2), Kingfisher (2), Oystercatcher (2), Dipper at Prestbury, River Bollin/Sewage works area (Steve McCoskery)

9 April - Displaying Meadow pipit, curlew and Lapwing, Raven, Red Grouse, Wheatear (male), Kestrel at Danebower Chimney (Steve McCoskery)

6 and 8 April - Ring Ouzel and Wheatear at Blackclough near Knotbury (Chris Grime)

7 April - Green Woodpecker (2), Little Grebe (2), Ring-necked Parakeet (3) at Dunham Massey NT (David Tolliday)

6 and 8 April - Ring Ouzel and Wheatear at Blackclough near Knotbury (Chris Grime)

5 April - Golden Plover, Axe Edge (David Collis)

5 April - Dipper, Wildboarclough (David Collis)

5 April - Swallow (5), Sand Martin (8), mandarin Duck (7), Dipper, Grey Wagtail, Blackcap, Reed Bunting, Stock Dove, Oystercatcher, River Bollin, Prestbury (Paul Davies)

3 April - Blackcap and lots of Chiffchaffs at Astbury Mere (David Tolliday)

2 April - Red Kite location withheld (Pete Austin)

2 April - Kingfisher (2), Dipper, Goosander (3), Mandarin Duck (5), Reed Bunting (male), Common Buzzard (5), Chiffchaff (2), Blackcap (2), Swallow at River Bollin/Prestbury sewage works area (Steve McCoskery)

1 April - Little Owl in Sutton back garden (David Collis)

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Redesmere Lake Identification Boards

Redesmere Lake Identification Boards

During lock-down new bird identification display boards and notices about what to feed the birds have been installed at Redesmere Lake, Siddington. This was organised by the RSPB Macclesfield Local Group with funding provided by Siddington Parish Council. Thanks go to Tunnicliffe Signs Ltd of Macclesfield for their advice about best materials and the printing of the notice boards.

Comments from the birds:


We can eat bread, but it should be part of a varied diet. If we eat only bread it fills us up but doesn't give us the same vitamins and minerals as our natural food.

Excess bread in the water can rot and cause algae to grow. This may kill fish and block sunlight from underwater plants, both of which are food for some of us.

We also like to eat bird seed, peas, oats, sweetcorn, cooked rice and specialist duck food. Please ensure any frozen food is fully defrosted.

Thank you.

Sunday, 11 April 2021

April 2021 Newsletter

The April newsletter includes details of future events, Walks With Nature, our forthcoming AGM on 11 May and the CWT Danes Moss breeding bird surveys.

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