Thursday, 15 February 2018

February 2018 - Wildlife Sightings
waxwing, Poynton - Laura Howard

February 2018 - Wildlife Sightings

Please report your wildlife sightings seen within approximately a one hour drive of Macclesfield together with a clear subject image if available to:
(NB! - image is not essential)

15 February
Three possibly four hawfinch at Astbury Mere this morning in birch trees to left of visitor's centre. Along with two brambling and eight siskin and a pair of shoveler on the mere.
Steve Seal

14 February - 13.45
Waxwing still at Poynton on Dickens Lane, in the trees close to Vernon Road.
Laura Howard

12 February The Hawfinch is still around where I live near Sutton St James Church (Most days this month it has shown up). I know many birders have tried to see it without any luck but its still around.(just wanted to show proof as I'm sure some people don't believe it exists)
Visits the bird table daily but at variable times. Usually am.
Chris Grime

11 February - A waxwing was present today on Dicken's Lane, Poynton.
Phil Oddy

11 February 2.30pm -Dickens Lane, Poynton, trees before Vernon Road.
One waxwing - plenty of berries on nearby Sorbus trees.
Margaret & Bernard Robinson

10 February Paddler's Pool at 0820 this morning.
Six teal (3m + 3f), as well as the near-resident little egret, which has shown there almost daily since late December.
David Atkinson

08 February - 16.30
Two Treecreepers at Trentabank reservoir, Macclesfield.
Laura Howard

07 February - at Biddulph Grange car park this morning
At least twelve hawfinch still.
Steve Seal

07 February - between 16:50hrs and 17:20hrs I was able to see and photograph a Little Egret.
The bird was perched on a tree in the field of St Johns School facing my back garden at Clevedon Close.
Paul Brierley.

5th and 6th February 8.30 - 10.00 am - Sutton St James Church area.
Hawfinch, brambling (4 male 2 female), siskin (2 male 2 female).
Chris Grime

05 February18 am River Bollin - Prestbury sewage works area
dipper - pair
redwing flock - circa 40
feral (?) greylag in canada geese flock
Steve McCoskery

02 February 2018 - Biddulph Grange car park, 9.30 to 10am today.
15 - 20 hawfinch seen most days this week
Allan Harris

02 February 2018 - West Park Macclesfield.
Five redwings this afternoon in the park.

01 February 2018
Two little egret today at Paddlers' Pool, from at least 1230-1550. The last remaining one took off and gained height towards the town, eventually heading upstream the Bollin Valley. After one had appeared on 30 January and 31 December it was then seen on 15 days from 1st-24th Jan, but was then missed until today, when two appeared. Might be worth watching to see if they join the heronry at Trentabank to breed!
Also, at 1545, a pair of common teal on Paddlers' Pool. No photo I'm afraid. Strangely, this is only the 3rd time I've seen them here, and always at the same time as little egrets.
David Atkinson