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October 2016

Saturday, 1 October 2016

October Bird of the Month - Red-legged Partridge

October Bird of the Month - Red-legged Partridge

Grey partridge favour open grassland and arable farmland with mature hedgerows. They are strictly ground birds so you are not likely to see one in a pear tree! Small coveys or groups form outside the breeding season.

They fly with whirring wings and occasional glides, showing their chestnut tails. However, it is purported that they only spend three minutes a day in flight and actually prefer to run away from danger calling "rick rick rick".

Numbers of this once familiar farmland species are rapidly falling and the grey partridge is now red listed after suffering serious declines throughout its range. However we have usually managed to see some of them on past visits to Sandwich Bay.

Their population has crashed as a direct consequence of modern farming methods. In particular the use of pesticides and herbicides has destroyed many insects which are a vital.

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