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February 2016

Saturday, 6 February 2016

National Nest Box Week (14-21 February 2016)

National Nest Box Week (14-21 February 2016)

How to give a family a home: Buy a nest box from your local RSPB reserve or garden centre, fix it to a wall in a sunny location. You can also buy nest boxes with built-in cameras so you can watch what's happening inside from the comfort of your sofa... the action will beat any TV soap hands-down.

For the more adventurous DIY-ers out there, click on the link below to download instructions how to build your own nest box.

Attracting a tenant: It helps to know which birds are around when you're choosing a nest box. To boost your success rate, watch to see who's visiting your garden or local area.

But remember that not all birds nest in holes (and so will use nest boxes) - some, such as long-tailed tits, thrushes finches and dunnocks, prefer the shelter of a shrub or bush and build a beautiful creation from moss, grass, lichen and mud.

When does it all start?: Birds time their breeding season to closely match when food will be available for their chicks. Unseasonal weather can trigger some to make an early start, but many birds start nesting in March and April.

Some species can rear more than one family per year: sparrows, robins and swallows can have up to three broods, but blue tits and starlings normally make only one attempt.

Young blue tits and great tits might have left the nest in May, while the last young swallows might be learning to fly into September!