Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Be a friend of the albatross

Passionate about the albatross? You can now sign up online to become a regular giver to help reduce seabird bycatch and protect this threatened feathered friend.

Albatrosses spend much of their lives soaring over the ocean. Inevitably, this lifestyle brings them into contact with fishing vessels. As a result, an albatross is killed by fishing gear every 5 minutes.
Think about it for a second. That means at least 100,000 albatrosses are dying needlessly each year! A tasty free meal on a baited hook is irresistible to a hungry albatross out at sea - but for many it turns out to be their last. They are also killed by trawl cables while they try to feed on discarded fish around the fishing vessels. Albatrosses cannot breed fast enough to replace the numbers killed. Sadly, 15 out of 22 species are now threatened with extinction.

The good news is that there are simple ways of saving these birds. By working with vessels to show fishing crews simple ways to stop killing seabirds, and with government to implement regulations, we've demonstrated that things can drastically change for the better.
 South Africa has been a shining example of how this can work, with an astonishing 99% reduction in albatross deaths in the trawl fleet since our Albatross Task Force team started there! You can help us do the same in other parts of the world by becoming a Friend of the Albatross today.

The Albatross Task Force is on a mission to reduce seabird bycatch by 80% in some of the deadliest fisheries for albatrosses around the world. By supporting our work with a monthly donation, you can help us save thousands of seabirds from a needless death and help us make this yet another shining success story in the years to come.