Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Oxford to Cambridge Expressway
Marsh harrier over Greenaways Lyn Ebbs

Oxford to Cambridge Expressway

You may have seen an item on BBC News on 13 April (see the link below) which mentioned the proposed Oxford to Cambridge Expressway. Among the many concerns that people have about this major new trunk road is that the environmental impact of the road will only be considered once the route has been chosen!
The RSPB has come out strongly against the most environmentally damaging routes. The attached document shows its response and details the reasons and evidence for that response. It may seem a daunting task to read it all but if you want to see how the RSPB is planning to fight on behalf of nature locally, it is worth taking the time.
"An Expressway crossing the Upper Ray and any part of the Otmoor basin would, in our opinion, be a disastrous outcome for nature. If this became the preferred route we would like you to understand that the RSPB will fight it at every possible step"

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