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Zooming to Trinidad and Tobago

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Escape the approach of winter, and the restrictions caused by microbes, and join us for a glimpse of the Caribbean - all from the comfort of your own home.Since current guidelines preclude us from having conventional indoor meetings until at least the New Year, we have decided to go ahead with a Zoom style meeting on October 1st, as outlined in the September Newsletter. The talk will be a Powerpoint presentation on the birds of Trinidad and Tobago, given by Brian Nobbs. There will not be any charge for this event. More...

Spoonbills breed on Havergate Island

Saturday, 12 September 2020

Rare birds, Spoonbills, have successfully raised chicks for the first time in Suffolk since 1681. The birds were discovered nesting on RSPB Havergate Island nature reserve, Suffolk's only island. The RSPB have been working over the last 15 years to encourage spoonbills to breed on the island.After a huge tidal surge in 2013, the RSPB, with funding from Defra, lowered spillways into Havergate so it became a natural flood defence to accommodate climate-change related increases in the frequency and magnitude of North Sea surges. Over 500m of sea wall was reduced half a metre in height to allow water to flood into natural lagoons around it during storm surges. This protected the seawall around the island from mass failure and also helped protect nearby residents with additional flood storage in the lower Alde-Ore. More...

September 2020 Newsletter

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Travelling is a little fraught at the moment, but here is a chance to sample the wildlife of Madagascar, as seen by Nigel Meachem, some personal views of lockdown, and some plans for the future. More...

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Castle Water, Rye - report by Anne McGregor

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

My highlight was the very vocal Cormorant colony, which has relocated to right outside the Castle water hide where they were busy putting the finishing touches to their nests. I've previously failed to appreciate what attractive birds Cormorants are. When seen up close in their full breeding plumage they're really striking - punk style mini crests, red patches beneath the eye, beautiful bronzey wings, and the contrasting white head and thigh patch make for a really handsome bird. The on nest displays were impressive too, with tails cocked up and heads back like a Goldeneye. More...

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