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April 2012

Monday, 2 April 2012

Male green woodpecker feeding on ground

Skittles and Quiz

Over 50 supporters of the Solihull Group gathered at the "Highwood" Inn in Solihull on 27th March for our popular evening combining the skill (or is it brawn?) of ten pin bowling with general and natural history knowledge. Actually it is skill that wins at the bowling. It was noticeable that those using brute strength to "frighten" the bowls did not fare that well. Fortunately the only bowler to strike the group leader with a ball was a gentle ( and apologetic young lady). Age (or lack of it) is obviously a big bonus as the winning team both with the ball and the brain comprised under 30's and although only one of them would profess to being knowledgeable about natural history they still managed the top score in the "bird" wordsearch. Most importantly everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we raised £300 for the RSPB.
Many thanks to Sue Roberts for preparing all the lovely rolls.