Places to see birds

River Lee Country Park

Snipe perched on fence post

River Lee Country Park stretches between Waltham Abbey in Essex and Broxbourne in Hertfordshire this 1,000 acre park has a huge variety of activities to enjoy! Perfect for kids and families to couples, walkers, cyclists and wildlife watchers.

Fishers Green
Fishers Green is a wildlife watchers haven. With large expanses of reedbeds across Seventy Acres Lake you might be lucky enough to spot the wintering birds such as Bittern or Smew, a secretive Water Rail amongst the reedbeds or Shoveler feeding on the open water.

Drop into the Bittern Information Point which has fantastic views over the lake and reedbeds and also the chance to see close-ups of the wildlife on live camera streams. The mosaic of wetlands around the park are perfect for wildlife watching throughout the year, look out for a wide range of ducks during the winter months on the lakes, ponds and scrapes. In spring and summer the area comes alive with the sounds of breeding birds, as they defend territory and try to attract a mate and you might be lucky enough to hear the melodic song of the Nightingale, so listen carefully.

Cornmill Meadows Dragonfly Sanctuary
Cornmill Meadows is one of the best examples of semi-natural floodplain grassland remaining in the park. The mosaic of rivers, ditches and pools make this a fantastic place to see a variety of wildlife throughout the year. Hay meadows, woodland and a network of glades and rides can be found in the adjacent tree park.

A walk along the rivers and streams is interesting at any time of year but the summer months provide one of the best places in the region to see dragonflies, with over half the UK species found here, notably the White-legged Damselfly and Hairy Dragonfly. Follow the circular Dragonfly Discovery Trail which takes in a variety of habitats.

No visit is complete without stopping at the Wake Hide to view the pools. Good numbers of Teal, Wigeon and waders can be seen in winter, whilst in summer Hobby hunt dragonflies overhead. You may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a Water Vole or hear the distinctive 'plop' as it dives into the water.