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October 2014

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Winter thrushes

Winter thrushes

Winter thrushes are arriving. Redwings seem to be everywhere as they arrive in force, with flocks moving inland very quickly. Ring ouzels are also coming in, in impressive numbers - over 500 were recorded at Dungeness, Kent on 14 October, and 150 were counted heading out to sea at Foreness.

Continental robins and blackbirds are also arriving. You can tell a continental blackbird by the grey plumage underneath and they have duller bills. These birds have migrated from Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

Continental robins are paler than ours and have a duller red breast. The immigrants are also generally less tame because they skulk in woodlands, only British robins are a tame garden bird. The continental robins don't sing in spring, because they are not setting up territories here.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Change of talk on Wednesday

Due to a technical problem, our speaker on Wednesday night has had to change his talk. It is now called: A fish out of water - a celebration of human endeavour in South Florida, an inspiration for all

It will still be very interesting with plenty of wildlife interest. And he's still going to bring his didgeridoo to give us a tune!