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January 2010

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Curlew standing on weed, County Cork, Ireland

Dancing on Ice !

For once the weather behaved ! Gone was the snow and ice cold temperatures which was just as well since the group was having its now traditional new year wader watch. This time it was at Kings Gap, Hoylake. As the tide pushed in the several hundred cormorant, which had up until now sat lazily on the sand, went into the sea and spent most of their time either feeding or washing. Huge flocks of waders milled around looking for a place to land only to be pushed off moments later as the time came in. Closer and closer they came enabling all to clearly see the distinguishing plumage features which meant we could safely tell a sanderling from a dunlin; a knot from a grey plover and a bar tailed godwit from a curlew. We had distant but good views of a number of brent geese that settled on the rocks off Red Rocks. Enter stage left the villain of the day, a peregrine made a hurried dash and then swoop on the waders which responded by taking flight into several massive swirling flocks. It looked as if the birds were all dancing - each knowing the exact move of the next. As we marvelled at the choreography as the peregrine swooped and the waders twirled in the air, a second peregrine entered the wader filled sky. At times nature can be breathtaking !

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Sunset over Cliffe, Kent

Indoor meeting tonight cancelled

Very late in the day Wirral Borough Council notified us that the hall at Bromborough would be closed tonight and we would have to cancel our meeting. Sadly there was very little notice which has meant we have not been able to warn people of the cancellation. Our apologies to anyone who braved the conditions only to find the hall closed but the situation was taken out of our hands by the local council. Beth Henderson kindly volunteered to go to the hall to wait for anyone who turned up to explain the position and our thanks go to her for this.