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June 2012

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Nightjar on ground among heather

The 'chase' is on !

Should we go or not? That was the question. The weather was supposed to improve at Cannock Chase but it was raining on Wirral. We decided to chance it and although it looked like a bad decision, as we hit heavy rain on the motorway going down, things did brighten up (as promised !) as we arrived. Almost immediately we were welcomed by a Tree Pipit singing from a lone tree amongst the rough pasture providing us with lovely views of the bird. A lone Willow Warbler (feeding in a small copse close to the stream), 3 Cuckoo and 1 Green Woodpecker all provided us with interest whilst we awaited dusk and the 'real stars' of the trip. We walked to our spot of interest just as the sun started to dip under the horizon only to find that the trees had grown since the last time we had been there and were probably too high now for Nightjar ! Whilst we desperately looked for an alternative sight some of the group had the good fortune to see Woodcock flying around. As the darkness drew in so did the rain !! At last we found at least 1 'churring' Nightjar but could we see it in the gathering rain and gloom. Ah well, at least we heard one and there is always next year !