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November 2016

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Long-tailed tit perched on branch

If you go down to the woods ......

There is something about woods in autumn that are attractive. Maybe it is the various colours of the leaves or the not unpleasant musty smell of damp leaves. Whatever it was, we had a wonderful time in Arrowe Park. It was cold first thing and save for the odd Robin singing and a nice sighting of a Treecreeper, we had little. However, when we got to a section of the wood where the weakening autumn sun had warmed up the trees things began to happen. A mixed flock of tits went by with lovely Long tailed mixed in with the more familiar Blue, Great and Coal tits plus the odd Goldcrest. A couple of Nuthatch could be heard calling high in the trees and short distant views obtained. The lake usually holds Mandarin Duck but sadly there were none of these colourful birds on show for us. A walk down to the bridge, where birders and dog walkers alike leave food for the birds, provide us with really close views of Nuthatch (at least three different birds); Robin; Chaffinch; Dunnock; Coal, Blue and Great Tits. Sadly we missed the resident Tawny Owl which usually roosts in one favoured tree. It may have been there but we couldn't see it. Perhaps a visit in a few weeks, when all the leaves have gone, will prove more productive. We walked up towards the cafe along the wooded path hearing more Nuthatch and a Great Spotted Woodpecker. After a refreshing cup of tea and bite to eat, we ventured back the way we had come to end our brilliant mornings birding. All were surprised at the wealth of wildlife in a wood that is on our doorstep.