Thursday, 6 February 2020

National Nest Box Week

National Nest Box Week

The BTO's National Nest Box Week runs from the 14th to 21st February, starting on Valentine's Day is deliberate! Although, of course, bird boxes can be put up at any time of year, the event is a useful reminder that it will soon be too late to put up new boxes, if you want them occupied this year. I had thought that the date was also a reminder to clean out and maintain existing boxes, but in researching this article, I discovered that, under bird protection legislation, it is illegal to disturb wild nest boxes after 31st January. This information came from -link below - which is worth a visit.
Many Local Group members will be handy at carpentry and can make their own boxes, but if you are not we would like to recommend a local social enterprise that supplied Sue and me with the reasonably priced and very sturdy boxes in the picture: York Disabled Workers Cooperative which aims to "make quality wooden products and garden furniture using recycled materials and wood that's been reclaimed and donated from wood manufacturers. Guaranteeing that not only will our hand made craft products make a great addition to your garden, but you can rest assured that they will be environmentally friendly and good value." The "closed" boxes at £8 come with a choice of hole sizes; 25mm, blue tit, 28mm great tit or 32mm for house sparrows or nuthatch. "Open" boxes for robins and blackbirds are also available, as well as bat boxes, and insect and butterfly hotels. I am sure if you are looking for other styles of box eg a sparrow terrace, they would be happy to oblige. The closed boxes don't include a plate to protect the hole from predators but these are easy to find on eBay.
YDWC is at Unit 42, The Raylor Centre, James St, YO10 3DW, tel 01904 421091, email
Over the last couple of years, we have made or brought over 20 bird boxes for a wood we part own, YDWC's are certainly the best we have found. Their garden furniture is excellent too. So definitely worth a visit.
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