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Meikle Loch

Pink-footed goose profile

The reserve is important for its wintering wildfowl, particularly the large roost of pink-footed geese that occurs in the winter months. A variety of passage waders and wildfowl also use the site and ospreys and marsh harriers may be seen in the summer. Our work here will involve providing the geese with a safe, undisturbed roost site, monitoring wildfowl numbers and encouraging breeding waders and ducks. Meikle Loch is a small area of water and does not appear on the Google Map below. It is situated in the blank space at the centre of the map, and access is from a short track off the A975. Meikle Loch is a new reserve with no visitor infrastructure; a similar range of birds (including a spectacular goose roost) can be seen at RSPB Loch of Strathbeg reserve, about 25 miles north.

Where is Meikle Loch?

Important note

This site is one of several that due to its size, location and/or conservation sensitivity is not capable of accommodating large numbers of visitors (unless stated).

Where possible, we have indicated the nearest equivalent RSPB nature reserve suitable for visiting. If you require further information, please use the contact details provided.

This does not affect any statutory rights of access under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act or Land Reform (Scotland) Act legislation.

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