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Field Trip to Lamby Lakes and Rumney Great Wharf

Field Trip to Lamby Lakes and Rumney Great Wharf
Clive Bailey

Sunday, 26 February 2012

It turned out to be a very sunny day although when I first got up there was ice on the windscreen of my car. About ten of us met at Lamby Lake car park and had a pleasant day walking around the lake. The anglers were out in full force with all their tents, numerous fishing rods and other gear. There must have been a fishing competition that day.
The highlight of the day was three reed buntings which we found in the reeds near Crown Way over pass. On the lake there was a great crested grebe with the low sunlight showing off its black and chestnut crest, an elegant bird.
A large heron was also present as well as pochard, mute swan, tufted duck, canada geese, teal, coot, moorhen, mallards and some cormorants.
When we reached the Crown Way overpass we ventured up the bank to the Rumney River to see what was present on the mud banks. As the sun was low it was difficult to make out some of the birds and there was quite a cold wind in this exposed area. However, we did see red shank, black headed gulls, herring and lesser black backed gulls.
On our return journey on the other side of the lake we viewed a kestrel and again the light showed off its colours as it flew over. We then spent some time trying to identify the adolescent gulls that were on the lake. After much deliberating and referring to field reference books, we decide that at least two of the gulls were adolescent herring gulls as they were following adult herring gulls around!
On the right hand side of the lake there is area of scrub, reeds and brambles with a small industrial unit adjacent to the area. It was a pleasure to see that some of the units had nest boxes fitted to their walls and bird feeders hanging from the fences. This area produced gold finch, green finch, starling, wood pigeon, great and blue tits, house sparrow, blackbirds and, of course, robins.
A Red Admiral was also spotted basking in the sunlight.