Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Big Croydon Bird Watch 2017 - Preliminary results
Sparrowhawk by Alan Pearson

Big Croydon Bird Watch 2017 - Preliminary results

The number of species ranged from 19 to 64 species for any individual event. Collating all the returns indicates that a total of 70 species was seen by the different participants. One species that seems to have been absent from all 11 lists was the sparrowhawk! Ironically I went back to South Norwood CP the day after my Big Day and one performed for a couple of minutes, mocking me. Various other species were recorded during the month, but again not during the individual events.
The person recording the most species during the day was John Birkett 'The Croydon Birder' with 64 species.
To date £600 has been collected in sponsorship with possibly another £100 to come. A great effort (although we could always do better?) and thanks out generous donors. For those members who sponsored me and have yet to pay, I should be at the meetings on 10 June (if I cannot make it, please hand the money to a committee member and tell them it is sponsorship money for me).
It looks like the team raising the most sponsorship will be the Riddlesdown Recorders (Gill Flinn and Nicola Hunt).
It's not too late to sponsor someone or to donate a sum to the Group as general sponsorship for all the teams. Just speak to a committee member at the next meeting.